Minor Repairs for Major Savings

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After a cold winter season, Steve Carlson, an operations specialist from Chattanooga, Tennessee, was ready to improve the energy efficiency of his home. Through a few simple repairs, Steve was able to enhance his property—and he has the savings to prove it.

Through the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) In-Home Energy Evaluation program, homeowners in six states can receive reimbursement for repairs that make their homes more energy efficient. With this program, an inspector visits the home and assesses ways to improve energy efficiency. After the homeowner's repairs are complete, TVA will reimburse half of the expenses up to $500.1

Carlson's improvements consisted of one major repair: insulating the attic, where hot air often leaked. He hired a contractor to execute the task, and the project totaled $700—half of which was reimbursed.

"Our home is much more energy efficient after the repairs," says Carlson. "We will save on heating bills in the future, and I definitely recommend thinking about home improvements that will boost your savings in the long run."

Ready to reap the benefits of energy efficiency? A few simple actions recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy can help you go greener, both for the environment and your wallet.

  • Decrease your water heater's temperature to 120º Fahrenheit.
  • Insulate your home's walls, attic and water pipes, and fix air leaks in windows.
  • Keep up the maintenance on your heating and cooling systems, and choose ENERGY STAR®-rated equipment.
  • Purchase an insulating blanket for your water heater, as well as a programmable thermostat and a water-saving showerhead to reduce utility costs.
  • Routinely replace all filters in your air and heating systems.

To learn how First Tennessee can help you improve your home, visit a convenient financial center or our Financing Home Improvement article.


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