Financial Inspiration for Enhancing Today and Envisioning Tomorrow

June | 2014

Have Smartphone, Will Travel

Wherever you go, your smartphone follows, including when you travel abroad, but what does international travel mean for your cell phone bill?

A Budget in Review

Think back five months ago to New Year’s Day—did you resolve to spend less and save more? If your 2014 resolutions included a spending diet, it’s time to review your progress.

DIY Baby

The smiles, laughter and love that come with a new baby are priceless, but caring for your little one involves a good deal of expense, including costs for food and diapers.

Always a Bridesmaid (or Groomsman), But Never Broke!

Don’t let wedding season break the bank. If you’re asked to be in a wedding—or three—this summer, find out how you can cut costs without undervaluing the bride or groom’s big day.

Planning for Success(ion)

Developing a succession plan for your business may help avoid the upheaval that affects many family-owned companies during the transition from one generation to the next.

Someone Stole My Identity—Now What?

You just received a bill for a credit card that you never applied for. You checked your credit report only to find several false credit accounts have been opened in your name. What do you do next?